About us


The Foundation for Research, Education and Recreation (FRERA) was established in August 2013, in Aruba, with the following mission and vision:


Mission  ("Who we are and what we do.")

Providing a national multifunctional center, grounded in Christian principles, to support Aruban communities, through innovations in research, education & recreation


Vision  (“An Image of the future we seek to create.”)

Our vision is an Aruba in which every child is ensured a 21st Century, local- & global-readiness, world class education, in facilities & environments fostering healthy bodies, minds & souls.



FRERA seeks to achieve its mission and vision by accomplishing the following:

  • researchconducting applied scientific research in various fields, including educational, socio-cultural, health and recreational fields
  • professional developmentproviding educational trainings, workshops, seminars, webinars, and conferences in education, pedagogy, education reform and best practices in education
  • Socio-cultural Outreachorganizing and providing social and cultural enrichment activities for Aruban communities
  • Recreational Outreachorganizing and providing health-conscious recreational activities for families in Aruba



In undertaking the above-mentioned actions and activities, FRERA seeks to collaborate with national as well as international entities, agencies, groups, institutions, organizations, groups, other foundations, and government(s), provided these share a similar mission and vision, or aspects thereof, in benefit of Aruban people and Aruban communities.   



FRERA’s actions and activities (as mentioned above) are all made possible by generous contributions received, in the form of grants, endowments, donations, personal gifts, inheritances, or any other kind of financial support, provided by individuals, (partnering, collaborating or interested) institutions, organizations, groups, and/or other foundations, and governmental supplements, nationally and/or internationally located. Contributions and/or financial support at any or all levels can be made here by contacting FRERA via our ‘Contact Us’ page.     



FRERA’s Board of Directors consists of the following Board Members:

  • Chairperson – Esther Wilson (Special Education Specialist)
  • Secretary – Lilian Felter (Education Specialist & Instruction)
  • Treasurer – Janneke Nederhoed (Special Education Specialist)
  • Board Member – Theresa Wilson (Career Secretary)
  • Board Member – Miguel Arrindell (Businessman)
  • Board Member – Luciano Milliard (Lawyer)
  • Board Member – Richard de Meij (Speech/Language Therapist & Linguist)





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